How could I purchase authentic LVG’s products?

You could purchase authentic LVG’s products on the shopping websites below:

(1) books.com.tw → http://www.books.com.tw/web/sys_brand/0/0000014826/0/

(2) Rakuten → https://www.rakuten.com.tw/shop/lvg/?l-id=tw_product_shoplogo

(3) Pinkoi → https://www.pinkoi.com/store/legendvogue

(4) ASAP → http://www.asap.com.tw/search?q=lvg%20legend%20vogue

Please visit the websites above to make sure the principle of payment terms and shipping methods.


How could you guarantee the quality of your products?

Our products all pass the SGS certification and simultaneously achieve the standard of EU and the USA. To assure the quality, we regularly submit our products to SGS.












To maintain the condition of the item, is there any attention I should notice?

If you would like to clean the item, you should appropriately polish it with a soft fabric, which has been dipped into water or soap water. Please do not dip into organic solvents, such as toluene, acetone, alcohol, and so on.

After finishing polishing, please remember to keep it dry. If not wearing the item, please dry it and then put it in a zipper bag.

While wearing the item, please avoid colliding with other materials and contacting sweat, rain, sea water, perfume, and cosmetics, to protect its surface from color fading and scratching. Under normal usage, the metal plating layer can maintain its color more than a year.